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St Mary's Bells - want to know more or learn to ring?

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The bellringers at St. Mary's meet every Friday from 7.30pm to 9pm and on Sunday mornings from 9.15-10am.  Bellringing provides both physical and mental exercise. At Calne St. Mary, the first exercise is in climbing the 50 tower steps up to the ringing chamber. Bellringing itself provides upper body exercise, as well as mental stimulation and social interaction. We offer free training and are always pleased to welcome new recruits. 
Our tower restoration project started in September 2022  and the bells were all removed for tuning and rehanging. 
Two new bells were added to create a ring of 10.  There is a facebook page called Calne St Mary Tower, Clock and Bells Project where you can see information and photographs from the project.  The bells were rededicated on Sunday 10th September and ring regularly on Friday evenings and Sunday mornings.
Go to : - for more information.  We also have a facebook page.  Search for: Calne St Mary Bell Project.

At Calne we have 10 bells.. The heaviest bell is the tenor, which weighs about 23 cwt. The oldest bell is the 'sanctus' bell which is rung just before services; this is approximately 500 years old.  The next two oldest bells are the treble and 5th, which were cast in 1707.  The two newest bells were made in 2022.  The treble is dedicated to bellringers of the Salisbury Guild who died in time of war and the second bell is in celebration of the platinum jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II.

.Anyone is welcome to come and watch the ringing or to see the bells by arrangement.

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