Parochial Church Council

The PCC is the 'management committee' of our Parish and meets approximately 6 times a year.  Click here to see the most recent pcc minutes .

Current members are:

Ex-Officio: Revd. Bob Kenway, Rev. Teresa Michaux, Enid Powell (Licensed Lay Minister), Lucette Rees (Churchwarden),   Jonathan Billings (Churchwarden), Isabella Gage (Churchwarden), Lucy Hemmings (Churchwarden)

Deanery Synod Representatives: Stan Anniss, Morcia Booton,

PCC Members: Richard Aldhous,Jane Ridgwell, Jack Robinson, Graham Spencer,  Kevin Wells, Derek Warnett, David Munday,  Mary Pilcher-Clayton, Jon Gibson, Kathryn Miller, Deirdre Aldhous

















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