Outward Giving

Outward Giving for 2019

The Parish of Calne and Blackland is committed to supporting other charities by giving donations.  Each year a group of charities are selected and money given in the special 'outward giving' envelopes passed on to these charities.  During the year various charities are featured in our Churches, so that members are able to find out more about the needs of each charity in turn.

In 2019 we have been able to forward donations in support of :

  • Send A Cow - £357
  • Sudan - £265
  • DEC cyclone - £152
  • Blue Bus Project - £378
  • and money donated during the Service of Remembrance to the British Legion.

Christmas Giving
We supported the work of Christian Aid and raised £439.  There will be some additional gift aid to be added to this amount in due course.  This charity does humanitarian work at home and abroad.  Please put your donation in the special Christian Aid envelopes in our churches.










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